·       What is pewter?

Modern day pewter is a metal alloy composed of at least 90% tin with smaller amounts of other metals – most commonly copper, bismuth and/or silver. It has a low melting point and may be used as a molten liquid for casting or rolled into thin sheets for fabrication. It is lead free and is safe for use.

Pewter has been used over the centuries, first by Egyptians & Romans, then extensively during the Middle Ages. It was desired for its versatility and durability. In our studios, we design a product, make a model, and then through a series of mold making processes we produce a final production mold. This mold is then used in a centrifugal caster to make a raw “casting”. The piece is then finished by going through a series of grinding, buffing & tumbling procedures.

·       Does pewter tarnish?

Pewter does not tarnish like silver or copper. Like all metals, it will slowly oxidize when exposed to air, giving it a soft patina.

·       Finishes

At Basic Spirit we use polishing wheels and tumbling to give our products a “bright” finish. A duller “satin” finish is the result of buffing the metal with a rougher material.

·       Pewter Care

Wash your pewter in warm soap & water and towel dry. Use of a dishwasher is not recommended. A pewter cleaner may be used occasionally. We do not recommend storing food in pewter & contact with direct sources of heat, such as a stove or open flame, are to be avoided.